Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions contain legal obligations and Santa Fe Art Tours/Sight Projects, LLC (hereafter "the Company"), encourages you to read them carefully. It is under these Terms & Conditions that bookings are made and accepted by the Company. When a customer makes a booking, either online or through the Company by phone or via email, it will be deemed that they have accepted the Terms & Conditions on behalf of all individuals included in the booking and consent to these Terms & Conditions by booking with the Company. No alterations or variations to these Terms & Conditions will be accepted unless agreed in writing by the Company. The Company reserves the right to update these Terms & Conditions at any time and without notice.

Group Bookings
The purchaser acts on behalf of all participants, including children, joining the tour. If the purchaser does not intend to participate, a representative must be chosen and the Company informed prior to starting the tour. If the purchaser is a company, group or partnership, an individual must be named as a responsible person.

Subject to Change
Tour routes are subject to change may be altered slightly to accommodate museum and gallery exhibition schedules. If there is a significant change or gallery/museum closing on the date you booked, the Company will notify you by email immediately and offer you the choice of an alternative date or refund.

Requested Changes and Customization
Changes to confirmed tour routes and times must be requested by the customer at least 48 hours before the scheduled tour time.

Due to the nature of our tours and because we've created routes that work well, customization and route changes are typically not available on public and private standard tours (Canyon Road Quickie, A Matter of Taste, Discover Downtown). For a custom, personalized experience tailored to your group, please book a custom tour.

Customer Cancellation/Refund Policy
Unless otherwise noted or agreed upon, our cancellation policy for public group tours is as follows:
Bookings cancelled up to 72 hours before the tour start will receive a full refund.

For custom tours, private tours, and groups of more than 10 participants, unless otherwise stated:
Bookings cancelled up to 30 days before the tour date will receive a full refund, 29-15 days before the tour 75% refund; 14-7 days before the tour 50% refund; less than 7 days before the tour date no refund.

Our cancellation policy for custom tours and large groups requires more notice because of the extra preparation and planning required. Thank you for understanding.

If the customer’s card has not yet been charged but is being used to hold the reservation, it will be charged according to our cancellation policy.

Cancellations by the Company
The Company generally does not cancel tours due to weather. In the event of cancellation due to an emergency or the happening of any event over which the company has no control, we will contact you via the email address you provided at the time of booking and offer you the choice of an alternative date or a refund. 

All rates for public group tours are at the discretion of the Company and are subject to change without notice. Once a customer has booked a tour with the Company, the customer will not be required to pay any difference in the event of a price increase and the Company tours will not refund the balance of any price reduction.

For all custom/private tours, a quote will be provided to the customer prior to booking. After a customer accepts a quote, a credit card will be required to hold the private tour. 

All prices and quotations, unless otherwise noted, exclude New Mexico GRT (sales tax). All prices and quotations exclude food, beverages, or other items/services purchased through third-party vendors unless otherwise noted.

Credit card payment for online bookings through www.santafearttours.com is processed at the time of booking through FareHarbor, a safe and secure booking and payment processing system.

Customers who wish to pay for a public group tour with cash or check should contact the Company directly. A credit card may be required to hold the reservation. 

For custom/private tours, a quote will be provided to the customer based on their requests. To accept the quote and book the tour, a credit card will be required to hold the reservation and payment methods will be discussed. A deposit may be required.

Purchase and Consumption of Food/Beverage
Tours sometimes include stops at local cafes and restaurants. The Company is only a facilitator of the art tour and does not vend or provide any food, alcohol, or other services or items. Any consumption of food and/or beverage provided by third party vendors is voluntary and at the participants’ own risk.

The Company specializes in walking tours of museums and galleries. Should a Customer require vehicular transportation between tour locations, we will do our best to accommodate the request. We will discuss possible options with the Customer and may offer to arrange transportation with a third-party service provider such as Capital City Cab, Uber, or Santa Fe Valet and include the price of transportation in a custom quote, or we may request that the Customer arrange and pay for transportation themselves. 

Photography Waiver
From time to time, tour participants may be captured in photographs or videos to be used by the Company for marketing or other purposes. Customers must notify the Company if they do not want to be photographed.

Accidents, Loss, or Damage to Property
Customers are responsible for their personal property. The Company will not be liable for any theft, loss, damage, delay, inconvenience, direct or consequential loss.

Please note that we will be visiting museums and galleries that display expensive and unique works of art and other delicate items. The Company is not responsible for any damage inflicted, accidentally or otherwise, on artworks or other items by the customer or the customer’s children.

Personal Safety & Bodily Injury
By taking part in a tour and/or related activities, all participants acknowledge the inherent risks of any such activity, which include but are not limited to extreme weather, unstable terrain, and vehicular/traffic accidents, and agree to hold harmless the Company, its guides, and its representatives for any injury or death related to these risks. Parents and/or guardians are responsible for ensuring the safety and well being of any child/children accompanying them on the tour.

The Company is not responsible for any injury or death related to the products or services provided by the third-party vendors or service providers we work with.

Customer Conduct & Safety
The Company may, at our discretion, require any person to be excluded from a tour if we deem his or her conduct to be offensive or a nuisance to other customers. The Company also reserves the right to refuse access to participate on a particular tour should circumstances be deemed to compromise tour safety.