A different look at the City Different

Santa Fe Art Tours was established to provide engaging, interactive tours of art galleries and museums in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Through our conversational walking tours of Santa Fe's museums and galleries, we create fun and personal experiences with art. We probe unique themes, personally connect you with art and artists, and pair gallery visits with stops at local culinary landmarks. Think experience rather than tour.

Here's a look at what makes Santa Fe Art Tours different.

Slow & select

We take the old adage "quality over quantity" to heart. By visiting a small number of galleries and spending time with a select few works of art, we create time and space to slow down, look closely, and enjoy the experience.


Conversation is the cornerstone of our tours. Our discussion-based approach promotes learning, exploring, and sharing.


Reciting facts and figures is not our priority. Rather than just receive information, we want you to engage, connect, and explore.


We limit our groups to eight participants to ensure a personal experience and great conversation. (Occasionally we do make exceptions, though, to accommodate friends and families – so just ask!)


We don't do rehearsed spiels, so our tours are dynamic and one-of-a-kind.