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We've reenergized the museum and gallery-going experience with tours that invite you to look at art in a new way while whisking you through Santa Fe's charming neighborhoods, hidden courtyards, off-the-beaten path art venues, and landmark museums and galleries.

We'll delve into the work on view, share fun and useful techniques for contemplating art, chat with artists, and visit local culinary landmarks. And we don't do rehearsed spiels, so every tour is one of a kind. Choose one of our signature tours or customize your own and discover the City Different through its thriving art scene.

The tour was interactive and was absolutely fascinating.
— TripAdvisor review
Elaine knows how to speak to adults and children alike. She is low key and very informed. She also knows all of the gallery mangers/owners and many knew we were coming and were prepared for us. We found that the art community in Santa Fe is full of enthusiastic, kind, down-to-earth people. Many thanks to Elaine for her care and kindness! 
— Tripadvisor review
A very intimate experience with art that I found quite inspiring in creating my own work as an artist.
— TripAdvisor review
One of the best things I’ve ever done in New Mexico, let alone Santa Fe. Elaine is a wealth of information, and so connected to the Santa Fe art community that it is hard not to feel welcome at each gallery you visit. 
— TripAdvisor review
Elaine’s knowledgeable and entertaining dialogue has added a whole new dimension to the way I view art.
— TripAdvisor review
I cannot speak highly enough of Elaine! The selection of galleries she chose were perfect for my kids and she had so many tricks up her sleeve to keep them both engaged and interested.
— TripAvisor review
Not only was I experiencing Santa Fe’s amazing collection of art, additionally, Elaine leads you into a conversation that brings forth who you are, what you’re doing and what’s occurring in the world.
She is remarkably tuned into her individual or group and has an understanding of the art through the ages. Elaine is well received and at home in Santa Fe’s galleries and museums, so those with her feel the same. Thank you.
— TripAdvisor review
Elaine’s tour was a step beyond the standard lecture-style visit to a museum or gallery, where listening is the primary action. It was equal parts art history lesson, interactive discussion and colorful personalities. We cannot recommend it enough.
— Tripadvisor review
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