Share the Santa Fe Art Tours experience

In travel and in our everyday lives, many of us are becoming less motivated by "things" and more interested "experiences" – like an imaginative journey into a work of art, a memorable walk through a charming historic district, or a personal conversation with a local artist. We are now offering gift cards so you can give the Santa Fe Art Tours experience to someone significant in your life.

Perhaps someone in your family or a close friend is coming to Santa Fe, and you’d like to gift them a memorable experience while they are here. Or, you might be a Santa Fe local looking for a unique gift idea for a friend, colleague, or partner. Our tours are popular among couples seeking a fun and engaging activity for a date as well as groups of friends getting together to experience something new. 

Gift cards may be applied to any of our standard group tours, including Canyon Road QuickieA Matter of TasteDiscover Downtown, and our Kid-Friendly Canyon Road tour. They may also be applied to a private or custom tour that we tailor to the recipient. 

You can get started by clicking the button below. Our booking partner, FareHarbor, makes the process easy, but we've walked you through the steps for purchasing and redeeming a gift card so you know exactly how it works in this blog post.

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