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We've reenergized the gallery-going experience with tours that invite you to look at art in a new way while whisking you through Santa Fe's charming neighborhoods, hidden courtyards, off-the-beaten path art venues, and landmark museums and galleries. Each of our walking tours covers a different arts district in Santa Fe and highlights a unique theme or focus.

canyon road tour.JPG

Curated Canyon Road

Great art, fascinating history

Our most popular tour, Curated Canyon Road brings a fresh perspective to Santa Fe’s district arts district. Home to over 80 art galleries, Canyon Road is a “must see” for any art lover visiting Santa Fe. This personal and interactive walking tour features a curated collection of don’t-miss galleries, selected to showcase the breadth and depth of artwork on Canyon Road. 2 hrs | From $35 plus tax.

Nedra Matteucci Galleries

A Matter of Taste

Let Your SEnses collide

Many of us love visiting art museums and galleries, but how often do we get the opportunity to slow down, take a closer look, and really engage with what we're seeing? This interactive tour is designed do just that, all while enjoying the atmosphere of three Santa Fe art galleries. We'll conclude the tour with a tantalizing chocolate elixir at the one-and-only Kakawa Chocolate House. 2 hrs | From $40 plus tax.

Downtown Santa Fe

Discover Downtown

Settle into santa fe

The perfect way to orient yourself in Santa Fe, the Discover Downtown tour is a fun and relaxed walk through Santa Fe's historic plaza area. We'll focus on arts and culture and cover some spots to eat, drink, and shop. In true Santa Fe style, the tour pace is slow and leisurely, and it includes a stop at Todos Santos for hand-crafted truffles. 2 hrs | $55 plus tax.

art and yoga.jpeg

Art For Mind and Body

Art and Yoga Experience

Like yoga, visual art asks us to slow down and honor the present moment. During this two-hour experience, let discussions of art open your mind and gentle yoga poses open your body. Enhance your introduction to the art of Canyon Road with a mindful kinesthetic experience to round out the visual experience. 2 hrs | $55 plus tax.

chile peppers.jpeg

Farm to Canvas

The Railyard Experience

Art enthusiasts and foodies, unite! This innovative walking tour highlights two sides of Santa Fe's bustling Railyard district – upscale art galleries and the Santa Fe Farmers' Market – and weaves together mindfulness, making, and the farm-to-table mentality in a way that’s accessible to all. Join local artist Liz Brindley for a walk through the Railyard and dive into art through an ecological lens. 2 hrs | $50 plus tax.

art and wine tasting tour.jpg

Epicurean Santa Fe

Great Art, culinary indulgences

Coming soon: a tour to engage the senses. Reflect on compelling works of art, enjoy a local wine tasting, and indulge in artisan cheese and chocolate. A tour for our epicurean art enthusiasts.