Not your typical tour

Santa Fe Art Tours was established to provide engaging, interactive tours of art galleries and museums in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

We're passionate about art, the stories it can tell, and the impact it can make – but we're not immune to "museum legs" or yawn-inducing art history lectures. 

That's why we've reenergized the museum and gallery-going experience with tours that invite you to look at art in a new way while whisking you through Santa Fe's charming neighborhoods, hidden courtyards, off-the-beaten path art venues, and landmark museums and galleries. We've distilled a lot of fancy learning theory and museum education methodology to create informative and memorable experiences that are also fun, welcoming, and relaxed.

We pride ourselves on creating intimate, personal, and interactive experiences with art. No spiels, no crowds. Just truly audience-oriented experiences. Here's a look at what makes us different.

art for workshop 2016.jpg

Slow & Select

We take the old adage "quality over quantity" to heart. By visiting a small number of galleries and spending time with a select few works of art, we create time and space to slow down, look closely, and enjoy the experience.


Conversation is the cornerstone of our tours. Our discussion-based approach promotes learning, exploring, and sharing. And, we don't do rehearsed spiels, so every tour is one-of-a-kind. While art historical methods inform our tours, this is also about you –– the viewer –– and your personal responses to art. 




Reciting facts and figures is not our priority. Rather than just receive information, we want you to engage, connect, and explore. Through activities that encourage close-looking and conversations with practicing artists and gallerists, we'll actively delve into the work on view.